WSND- I'm a part-time DJ for 88.9FM WSND at the University of Notre Dame.  I'll be on air Tuesday mornings 12am - 2am EST for the foreseeable future.  Tune in for two hours of music you won't hear on Midwest commercial FM radio.  All shows stream live.

Pickle Press / Nik Havert

Writer, hard worker, big cheese.

My next convention- It looks like my next show of 2020 will be Exxotica Chicago.  I'm going to be there for a day, probably April 18th.  There's a slight chance I'll be set up there, but I doubt it.  A table isn't cheap.

Thanks for visiting.  You'll find information on my many projects here.  Everything from comic books to music reviews to erotica is here for you to enjoy.  There are probably other things I've forgotten lurking here and there. 

Weird-O-Rama- My horror host show.  It's a B-movie lover's delight.  Come be a monster kid for a while.

7th Level Music - My music blog.  I focus mostly on psychedelic, shoegaze, electro, and rock, but I cover anything good.  You could discover your new favorite band here, so please subscribe.