Weird-O-Rama- My horror host show.  It's a B-movie lover's delight.  Come be a monster kid for a while.

Writer, hard worker, big cheese.

​​My next convention- I'm not sure yet.  I'm making plans for 2016, but nothing is finalized.  Let me know of fun shows in your area.  Better yet, contact your local shows and demand they bring me in as a guest.

Outlaw Magazine- I'm the punk / alternative / psychedelic music editor.  Check out my reviews there and at the sister site - Kick Ass Music Women.  You could discover your new favorite band.

Thanks for visiting.  You'll find information on my many projects here.  Everything from comic books to music reviews to erotica is here for you to enjoy.  There are probably other things I've forgotten lurking here and there. 

Pickle Press / Nik Havert

A Place to Hang Your Cape - I'm a contributing author.  Check out my reviews of comics and old Dr. Who episodes, and my Police Report column.