Pickle Press / Nik Havert

Bad Place Productions -  Home of Rocket Girl RelaunchThe Serial Squad, Woodboy, and more 
Break the Line Comics - Home page for Jack Knifley - inker and co-artist of Ninja Nympho Roommate 

Debi Diamond - Star of Mars Needs MILFs, adult film hall of fame member, all-around bad@$$.  WARNING: Her website is adults only, so don't be surprised by what you see there.
Christopher Herndon - Homepage of one of the Mysteria's Mansion 2010 Annual artists
April Hunter - Wrestling superstar, fitness model, and star of Code Red and Stripper Viking. WARNING: Some of her website is adults only, so don't say you weren't warned.

Mike Indovina - Colorist on the covers of Salem, AZ #1, Agent Z #2, and CANDI 2069 #1.  He also knows more than you've ever forgotten about Greek mythology.  
Akira Lane - Home page of glamour / fetish model, adult film star, and star of Galactrix.  WARNING: Her website is adults only!
MAW Productions - Home of Ninja Nympho Roommate artist Xavier Xavier.
Nicole McClain - Model, painter, deer hunter, and Kerry Connelly in Salem, AZ!
Most People Are DJ's - Cool podcast of music and pop culture reviews
Jim O'Rear - Screenwriter, actor, stuntman, magician
Goddess Samantha - Star of CANDI 2069, dominatrix, fitness guru.  WARNING: Her site is adults only!
Sienna Sinclaire - Glamour and fetish!  Essays on sexuality and romance!  Nik's short erotica!  She has it all!  She's also the star of the upcoming Glamour Girl and Lady Dom!  Adults only
Sinn Sage - Twitter page for the adult film star and star of The Sixth. WARNING: There are plenty of naughty photos there. Don't say I didn't warn you! Adults only!
Sisters Comics - Homepage of Layne and Peri Toth - the hardest workin' kids in comics!
Titania Lyn - Homepage of pin-up / glamour / fetish model Titania Lyn - star of Cherry Bomber and More Tentacle Love 
Uko Smith - One of Nik's favorite pin-up artists and cover artist for Mysteria's Mansion 2010 Annual and Stripper Viking #2
Isobel Wren - "The thinking man's nymphomaniac" and star of Tentacle Love and More Tentacle Love - WARNING: Her website is adults only, so don't say you weren't warned.  

Blue Line Pro - Printers of CANDI 2069 #1 and Mars Needs MILFs #1
Buy Me Toys.com - Casey and Kelly Heying, owners, Mishawaka, Indiana. 
Cleis Press - Erotica publishers who have been kind enough to print some of my stories in their anthologies Best Lesbian Erotica 2010, Girl Fever, and Twice the Pleasure.
Contagious Graphics - Printers of Pickle Press T-shirts and a whole lot more!
Kick Ass Music Women - All-female rockers, musicians, singers, and songwriters.  I'm the punk / alternative rock editor there.

Ladylit - Erotica publishers who were nice enough to print one of my stories in their anthology ​Forbidden Fruit.
Naughty Nights Press - Erotic e-publishers who published one of my stories in their Campus Sexploits Deux anthology.
Optical Sloth - One-stop online shopping for great indie comics - including Pickle Press books!
Outlaw Magazine - Your home for all things outlaw music.  I'm the punk / alternative rock editor there.  If you make such music, feel free to send it to me for review.
Wetoskey Academy of Martial Arts - This is the academy of Nik's Sifu, Keith Wetoskey. You can learn all about Nik's kung fu studies and see more pictures of him at the academy website under "Instructors." 
Xcite Books - Erotica publishers who printed one of my stories in their fun Voyeur Eyes Only anthology.

Good Folks
Hero Initiative - The Hero Initiative helps aging comic book industry veterans who deserve their place in history.
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - Give them lots of money. They are working for you!