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The Expendable Teens (published Aug. 2006. SOLD OUT - but watch for the many bootleg editions!) A mini-comic fromWalterglyphics Inc. about the greatest punk band you've never heard - Detroit's The Expendable Teens! See punk rock aggression take on a zombie horde! Punk's undead, baby!

Syndication  (published April 16, 2005.  SOLD OUT) A collection of eight different stories by members of the Comic Creators Syndicate. Action, comedy, strangeness, and a whole lot more.  Nik's story involves a Filipina fighting Spanish invaders.

Jasmine #1 (Aug. 2009.  Manga thriller.  24 black and white pages, black and white photo front cover, full-color back cover.  $3.00)  Alex Del Monacco stars as Jasmine - a Japanese cat demi-goddess who finds herself in the middle of a plot by an evil cult to unleash a horrible dark power.  Nik Havert - story and letters, Arif Gunawan - art.

"…the drawing and storytelling are pretty good." - Tony Isabella, legendary comic book writer 

Big Breasted Vampire Death - Second printing(June 27, 2008 - 1st printing from Nov. 20, 2003 is sold out.  Adults only horror comedy.  78 black and white pages, color covers. $8.00.)  Three brothers. Four vampire women. Both groups en route to the same county music concert at the UIC Pavilion. Paths cross. Hilarity and kinky hi-jinks ensue.  The long-demanded reprint has a new cover, new pin-ups, some new interior art, and a new prequel.  Nik Havert - story, Renatus - art and letters, Jesus Hernandez - pin-up, Philo - pin-up.

"...I found myself surprised by a few swerves here and there and loved the ending." - Optical Sloth.com

Mysteria's Mansion 2010 Annual (Mar. 03, 2010. Horror anthology.  48 full-color pages, color front cover, black and white back cover.  $6.25) Our tribute to Bronze Age horror comics.  Four chilling tales told by your hostess, Mysteria.  Nik Havert - stories and some lettering, Tim Vigil - front cover art, Alberto Aprea - interior art, Jamie Hood - interior art, Bill Messner-Loebs - interior art and some lettering, Christopher Herndon - interior art and some lettering, Uko Smith - back cover, Jose Fuentes - front cover colors, Craig DeBoard - some interior colors.  Available for Kindle!

"...a pretty fun book." - Optical Sloth.com 

Salem, AZ # 1  (Oct. 04, 2008, Reprinted November 2010.  Witchcraft western. 48 black & white pages, color art and photo covers. $3.50 - $5.00. Preview ashcan published Mar. 2008 sold out.)  Pickle Press' salute to spaghetti westerns starring Nicole McClain as a gun-slinging witch, Kerry Connelly, in the wild west as she meets with the evil Dr. Archak and his band of escaped killers on the search for a dark secret in an abandoned coal mine. Nik Havert - idea, story, and letters, Paul Schultz - idea and art, Bill Wilkison - additional inks, Mike Indovina - cover colors, Nicole McClain - graphic design

"The art is solid and I have to say the look of the character is consistent throughout.  I really love the wording and font used when Kerry is casting spells…The story trails off at the end and leaves me wanting more." - TVandFilmToys.com

Stripper Viking #'s 1 - 3 (issue 1 published Mar. 25, 2011, issue 2 published Mar. 22, 2013, issue 3 published February 08, 2016.  Adults only Viking action!  Issues 1 & 2 are 24 black & white pages, full color covers with topless variants.  Issue 3 is 32 black & white pages.  Both editions of issue #1 sold out!  Issue #2 $5.00 regular edition, $10.00 topless edition.  Issue #3 $5.00.)  April Hunter stars as Disa - a Viking warrior who wakes up in modern time, stumbles into a strip club, and thinks she's in Valhalla!  What enemy from her past lies in wait, and will Disa be able to stop this enemy from unleashing nuclear war? Nik Havert - story and letters, Chuck Bordell - art, Mike Indovina - back cover colors issue #1, front cover colors issue #3, Uko Smith - front cover of issue #2, Paul Schultz - back cover of issue #2

Tentacle Love and More Tentacle Love (T.L. published July 31, 2010.  M.T.L. published Nov. 15, 2013.  Adults only hentai.  24 black & white pages, photo and artwork covers [M.T.L. has two alternate front covers], full-color art back covers.  $5.00)  The titles tell it all!  Isobel Wren stars in these wild comics with two different stories in each issue.  More Tentacle Love also guest stars Titania Lyn.  Nik Havert - plots and dialogue, Philo - art, lettering, photo manipulation, some dialogue   

CANDI 2069 #'s 1  & 2(Aug. 08, 2014, Aug. 05, 2016. Adults only sci-fi.  24 black and white pages, color photo covers.  Includes covers and photos of Goddess Samantha.  $5.00.)  Goddess Samantha stars as a nymphomaniac android with the brain of an astrophysicist!  Can she protect the Earth from an invasion by the alien Dongg warriors from another dimension?  Paul Schultz - plot and art, Nik Havert - script and letters,  Mike Indovina - logo.

Rainstorm #1 (Oct. 19, 2013.  Action thriller.  24 full-color pages and covers, $4.00) Pro-wrestling superstar Bonnie "Rain" Maxson stars as a professional cat burglar ensnarled in the world of industrial espionage.  Who is the mysterious assassin known as Bergman?  Can Rain escape from his gunsights and a plot of murder?  Nik Havert - story and lettering, Pablo Lordi - art, Pablo Lizalde - colors.

Scared Ya! (June 27, 2008.  Slasher horror.  24 black & white pages, full-color front cover, $2.50)  Two FBI agents are on the trail of the One Left Standing Killer, who stalks innocent victims in a corn maze in late October.  What fate lies ahead for the one he leaves alive?  A story of violence and its lasting impact. Bill Wilkison - plot and art, Nik Havert - script and letters, J.C. Filer - art.  Available for your Kindle!

Shadow Woman #1  (Mar. 22, 2013.  Super hero action.  24 full-color pages.  Regular edition $3.00, limited photo cover edition $5.00) Michelle Shields stars as a scientist who invents a fabric that can absorb and redistribute solar energy.  A horrible accident occurs during its trial run that turns her into a a super-strong, photosynthetic woman who can absorb light and project darkness.  She is intrigued with her new abilities until she learns of a dangerous conspiracy against her, and who is Mr. Light?  Nik Havert - story and letters, Kevin Thomas - pencils, Chuck Bordell - inks, L. Jamal Walton - colors, Mike Indovina - art cover colors

Sun and Moon  (published July 31, 2010.  Fantasy martial arts action.  28 gray toned pages, photo front cover, full-color art back cover.  $3.00)  Vanna Marie and Manna Le star as warrior princess fighting to save a mythological forest from an evil martial arts master.  Nik Havert - story and lettering, Sean Russell - pencils, Cory Brown - inks, Terry Huddleston - gray tones and photo manipulation, Craig DeBoard - back cover colors 

The Three Keys #'s 1 - 2 (Issue #1 pubished Oct. 2004.  24 black & white pages, full color front cover.  $2.75.  Issue #2 published Feb. 27, 2009.  24 full-color pages, full-color covers.  $3.75  Fantasy action.)  The Three Keys can get into any place no matter how remote or fortified, so why are they always broke?  Follow them as they try to earn their weight in silver and spices by rescuing a kidnapped princess.  Nik Havert - story and issue #2 letters, Paul Schultz - art, Craig DeBoard - issue #1 letters and cover colors, Jose Fuentes

"I loved the battles and the writing…had me laughing as I finished it through to the very end…A very good mix of action and humor I would suggest to all." - Comic Avalance

"A cute story." - Bill Messner-Loebs, former writer of The Flash and Wonder Woman.

"The art was great for the wacky sort of thing that they're trying to do here." - Optical Sloth.com

"This is not a comic that is likely to appeal to adults jaded on all manner of dark fantasy riddles with sub-plots, intrigue, and betrayal.  If the first issue of The Three Keys does what I think it's doing (setting the tone for following issues), this shares a closer kinship with fantasy stories from old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, from a group of heroes going back and forth over who truly saved the day to the very cut and dry 'these are the good guys and these are the bad guys' style of writing...For that audience, this could shape up to be an incredible series...Visually, the comic is also very solid and carries itself well." - Indy Comic Review.com

Galactrix #'s 1 -3 (July 29, 2011, July 25, 2015. May 23, 2017.  Adults only sci-fi.  24 black and white pages, full-color covers, both books include three full-color photos of Akira.  Issues 1-3: $5.00, limited edition issue 1 photo cover: $10.00) Akira Lane stars as the Galactrix - a fun-loving dominatrix and royal princess who is drawn into a deadly game of galactic war.  Nik Havert - story and some lettering, Celestin - art, lettering, and artwork cover colors.

Pickle Press / Nik Havert

Owosso Taco House Funnies #1 (published  May 2008)  A fun all-ages book from Arrow Comics and Sisters Comics featuring the famous Owosso Taco House in Owosso, Michigan.  Full of games and comics, including a one-page Rocket girl story.

Future titles

Act of Contrition (Sep. 02, 2006. Crime noir.  48 black and white pages.  Hard copies sold out.) The crime rate is jumping in the small town of Magdalena, Indiana, and so is the number of people going to confession. Are the criminals feeling remorse, or is there some other connection that Detective Paul Stuart can't quite grasp just yet?  Nik Havert - story and some lettering by, Wes Sweetser - art, Craig Deboard - letters and cover colors.
Available for Kindle and Nook!

"Great dialogue pretty much the whole way through here, and those fat black shadows were perfect for the theme. Worth a look if you like the murder mystery/suspense type of stories." - Optical Sloth.com​

Big Breasted Vampire Death: Crotch Crazy The sequel to the wild Pickle Press vampire sex comedy in which Voluptua, Aierole, Cleave, and Melonie meet up with Johnny and Tommy to find a cult of sex magicians.  Adults only. (As of 5-21-2020: Awaiting printing.)

The Question of Truth - Pulp hero the Truth meets pulp hero the Question Mark as an evil swami tries to take over the city!  Golden Age action by Nik Havert and Paul Schultz. (As of 5-21-2020: Awaiting final pencils and inks.)

CANDI 1969 - Everyone's favorite nympho android is thrust back to the age of psychedelic music and the early days of NASA! (As of 5-21-2020: Script first draft done, edits have begun.)

Agent Z #'s 1 - 2 (Nov. 16, 2005, Mar. 03, 2010.  Action / horror.  24 black and white pages, color covers.  Issue #1 $2.50 [2 different covers], Issue #2: $3.00.)  Zachary Ash is a member of the EPA's law enforcement division. After being shot and left for dead, he develops incredible healing powers that come with a horrifying price.  Nik Havert - story (issues 1 & 2) and letters (issue 2), Federico Zumel - pencils (issues 1 & 2), Timothy Shea - inks and letters (issue 1), Chuck Bordell - inks (issue 2), Craig DeBoard - cover colors (issue 1), Mike Indovina - cover colors (issue 2).

"Want to get somebody hooked on a title right away? Shoot the main character in the head and leave him for dead...Good art, good writing...Worth a look, if you're into the mystery/espionage stuff." - Optical Sloth.com

"Agent Z #1 is a well-written and well-drawn adventure series...I'm hoping Havert sends me future issues so I can see where Agent Z goes from here." - Tony Isabella, legendary comics writer.

"Solid story and great art that reminds me in a very good way of some of the artwork that graced the pages of the Wonder Man series in the early nineties or the Master of Kung Fu and Daredevil in the late eighties...I'll just have to add issue #2 of Agent Z to my list of things I need to check out as soon as humanly possible." - Comic Related.com

Dare (Apr. 09, 2007.  Adults only espionage.  80 black and white pages, color cover.  $7.95) Sylvia Dare officially works for the Department of Weights and Measures.  She unofficially is one of the U.S.' greatest secret agents who happens to be a sex addict.  Nik Havert - story, Renatus - art and letters.

Get the e-novel edition for your Kindle!

"For people that love porn and violent action intermixed with some good story telling...this is for you." - Small Press Newsroom

"If you can laugh along with some of the sillier scenes, there’s plenty to like here, and yes, I do mean more than a lot of naked people. Some of the fight scenes are done really well, and I thought her origin story was handled nicely. If you must take everything here seriously though, you’ll probably have a hard time with it. Unless, of course, all you’re looking for is some serious nakedness, in which case you’ll probably come away happy." - Optical Sloth.com

Bullet: Round One (published Aug. 2007)  An anthology from Kaosfield Studios involving three tales that all share a common link: a .45 bullet.  Nik wrote "Family Reunion" for the anthology.

Sisters Comics Annual #1 - Wrote "See-Thru Baby!" a haiku poem for the issue.

Code Red #'s 1 -3 (Aug. 2009, March 2012, February 2017.  Action thriller.  Issue #1 24 black and white pages, issues #2&3 24 full-color pages, color photo covers  and pin-ups of April Hunter.  $5.00.) April Hunter stars as the super-sexy, super-tough mercenary known only as Red who is hired to stop a terrorist bombing in Mexico, but is there more to the story than meets the eye? Nik Havert - story and letters, Monty Borror - art, Craig DeBoard - issue 2 colors.

Fear of Triangles (Apr. 24, 2010.  Quirky romance.  24 black and white pages, full-color cover.  $3.00) A lonely lumberjack only wants to impress a local waitress but feels he can't because he's just like everyone else.  Can Sasquatch help?  Nik Havert - story, Jimmy Proctor - art and lettering, Bill Wilkison - art.  Also available for your Kindle!

"...there’s still more than enough mayhem to make this a solid comic in its own right. It’s worth a look for lovers of Sasquatch and irrational haters of triangles." - Optical Sloth.com

Haiku-mics volume 1  (Oct. 2009.  Poetry and artwork. 40 black and white pages, color covers.  $6.00 - Only 50 printed.) A collection of haiku poems written for fans at shows between 2004 and 2006 with many pin-ups inspired by the poems and drawn by various artists.

Mars Needs MILFS #'s 1&2 (January 2014, April 2017.  24 full-color pages, color covers.  $5.00.  Low print run.) Adult film Hall of Famer Debi Debi stars in this wild adults only sci-fi adventure when she's kidnapped by Martians and learns she's the key to saving the female Martian population!

Naked Shadows #1(March 29, 2016.  24 black & white pages, sci-fi espionage. $2.99 on Kindle only!)  Five secret agents from around the world who can teleport at will clash in London during a terrorist attack.  Nik Havert - story and letters, Arif Gunawan - art.

Ninja Nympho Roommate #'s 1 & 2 (Nov. 06, 2010, March 13, 2015.  Adults only hentai.  24 black and white pages, full-color front cover, $5.00) She's the roommate of your dreams! She's hot, sexy, a nymphomaniac...and a professional killer.  Three's Company was never this zany or hardcore! Nik Havert - story and lettering, Xavier - pencils and front covers, issue 2 back cover and colors, J3 - issue 1 inks and front cover colors, Jay Fife - issue 1 back cover, John Knifley - issue 2 additional pencils and inks, Tim Vigil - issue 2 pin-up.

Rocket Girl #'s 1 & 2 (May 25, 2003, Oct. 16, 2004.  Super hero romance.  24 black & white pages, gray toned covers.  BOTH ISSUES SOLD OUT!  Reprint available fromBad Place Productions.)  The story of Polly Harris, a single girl in Silver City, who has a big crush on the city's greatest hero - the Fire Chief. So, what better way to get the attention of the city's beloved super hero than to become a super heroine? It's super hero romance, with a werewolf thrown in for good measure. Nik Havert -  story, Jesus Hernandez - art, Timothy Shea - letters, Kristin Fundalinski - cover gray tones, Joe Fuentes - issue #2 inks

"I thought it was terrific!  Very fresh!  It didn't remind me of anything else I've read, which is pretty amazing!" - Devon Massey, artist of several Cavewoman titles

"[A] very good piece of work." - Cam Kennedy, artist of Judge Dredd and many Star Wars and Batman titles

"Really nice." - Bill Messner-Loebs, legendary comic writer 

"I dug it." - Norm Breyfogle, artist on many fine titles including Detective Comics and Prime.

"Great stuff all around, completely engrossing" - Optical Sloth.com

"...even though this is the second issue, it's a solid jumping on point. The story's fun and the art is beautiful. A-" - Paperback Reader

The Sixth (published January 18, 2016.  56 full-color pages, graytoned cover, photo back cover.  $10.00)  A thriller starring adult film star Sinn Sage as an occult investigator helping search for the Godfather - a serial killer performing an elaborate ritual in hopes of gaining otherwordly power.

Tantra #'s 1 & 2  (March 2014, July 2017.  Adults only sci-fi fantasy.  24 black & white pages, color front cover, $5.00)  Madison Martin stars as a traffic controller who comes into possession of a magic book that puts her in the middle of an inter-dimensional war.  Nik Havert - story and letters, Agapito De Los Santos - art, Paul Schultz - front cover colors