Who is this big cheese?

Pickle Press / Nik Havert

Pickle Press / Nik Havert is a small, one-man publishing company that specializes in comic books, graphic novels, erotica, music reviews, short fiction, and ghostwriting. Pickle Press creates and publishes several types of comic books, mostly in black and white, and may move into short story collections sometime in the next few years.

Pickle Press pledges to print fresh ideas and not just rehashed versions of someone else's work. There are far too many "cookie cutter" comics these days, and Pickle Press strives to keep its books outside the norm. 

Pickle Press offers comic books written in several formats: suspense, horror, fantasy, adult, science fiction, and even western books. Most of these books have 24 interior pages and are printed in black and white, with either black and white, grayscale, or color covers. There are continuing storylines as well as "done-in-one" stories that take place within one issue.

​Pickle Press also offers promotional items such as T-shirts, buttons, trading cards and (maybe sometime down the road) action figures.

Nik is also a full-time police officer, certified crime scene investigator, law enforcement trainer, martial arts instructor with over 25 years experience, WSND University of Notre Dame DJ, horror host, music reviewer and editor, and all-around Renaissance man.